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PINK Midori Belt Seal Snap | Pen Holder Pen Clip and Notebook Closure


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A convenient belt with pen holder sticker that can be attached to notebooks, planners, and files.

"Belt function": You can easily fasten planners and notebooks without a belt or rubber band to prevent accidental opening and closing and paper folding.
"Pen holder function": Compatible with multicolor pens such as 3-color ballpoint pens with large diameters (pen thickness up to 13 mm).
"Belt sticker" is a convenient customized item that can be easily finished as a "notebook with a belt" by simply sticking it on the cover of a notebook or notebook.
The "belt seal snap", which holds firmly with a hook, can be used with confidence even by those who put a lot of materials in their notebooks or notebooks.
In addition, because it uses a strong adhesive sticker, it can be used not only in planners and notebooks, but also in various items such as binders, files, photo albums, and fasteners for vinyl files.
(*) Cannot be used for uneven products or leather products.

Both the snap type and the magnet type have a basic four-color lineup and are recommended for business situations.
Package size: Vertical width 98mm x Width 75mm
Body size: Vertical width 34mm x Width 125mm
Made of PVC
1 piece

You are purchasing one pen clip.

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PINK Midori Belt Seal Snap | Pen Holder Pen Clip and Notebook Closure

PINK Midori Belt Seal Snap | Pen Holder Pen Clip and Notebook Closure

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