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A5 2023 Midori ONE DAY Per PAGE Planner One Day Per Page "Lay Flat" | Monthly Blocks & Timed Pages


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A simple, high-quality diary/planner that utilizes the goodness of the material and minimal design stimulates the creativity of people using it. Write down your thoughts and inspirations on the monthly page, one page per day, and the designed "margins".

The A5 MD Midori Planner One day per page makes effective use of blank space.

Consisting of monthly schedule pages and 385 pages of free space, this diary allows you to chronicle your life in detail. With plenty of blank space and a simple, easy-to-use format, this diary is ideal for jotting down your ideas and inspirations.

This diary combines a block-type monthly schedule with 385 pages of free space. The free pages are designed to be customized to suit your style. Times from 8:00 am to midnight are written down the left-hand side so that you can schedule your day, and there is blank space on the right-hand side so that you can keep a diary or draw pictures.

There are seven bullet points at the top so that you can make a to-do list or fill in the hours from 1 to 7.

Or use this blank area for more diary-writing and drawing.

The schedule lines on the other side can be seen faintly through the blank space, providing a guide for you to use when writing.


Product details:

Dimension (when it is closed):

A5 size measures H216×W157×D23mm
Weekly format, with each week across two pages
Styled after the minimalist Midori MD notebook with plain covers and exposed binding
Midori MD Paper
Made in Japan
Contents: Annual calendar 2 pages, Monthly schedule (2021.12~2023.1) 28 pages, 1 page for 1 day 385
SPECS: Front Cover : PVC / Thread-stitched book-binding / 2 Bookmark strings / Index Label (12 sheets with number, 12 plain sheets)
COVER: Paraffin paper
Made In: Japan

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A5 2023 Midori ONE DAY Per PAGE Planner One Day Per Page "Lay Flat" | Monthly Blocks & Timed Pages

A5 2023 Midori ONE DAY Per PAGE Planner One Day Per Page "Lay Flat" | Monthly Blocks & Timed Pages

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