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Kokuyo 2023 BEIGE Jibun Techo Biz Diary A5 Slim Lay-Flat Planner Diary Journal Schedule Yearly Planner | NI-JB1LS-23


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Kokuyo presents a unique approach to planners with the Jibun Techo. Rather than being limited to a single calendar year, the Jibun Techo is designed to last your whole life. In Japanese, “jibun” (ジブン) means “myself” and “techo” (手帳) means planner. True to its name, this planner system is customizable to your lifestyle and needs.

This Biz Diary comes in a soft cover packed with slots for storing cards, tickets, and other small papers. The cover also has a large pen loop that can hold a multi-pen.

This Biz Diary booklet includes:

Kokuyo's premium MIO paper, which is fast drying, super smooth, and a joy to use with fountain, gel, and ballpoint pens.

A 2-page spread for each week of the year. Each day has a vertical layout with hours marked from 0 to 24. Additional spaces let you record to-do lists, the weather, what you ate, and how you felt that day. Monthly calendars. Starts on November 2021 and ending in the last week of December 2022.


Vertical weekly schedule (24-hour timeline/Saturday and Sunday get the same size slot/to-dos/weather/moon phase/sunrise and sunset/meals eaten/how you felt about the day)
Monthly calendar block (including rokuyo [lucky and unlucky days] and the 24 sekki [divisions of the solar year])
Monthly project (2-month spread)
3-year calendar
Age chart
Yearly schedule
My dream 2022
Money plan
Weekly plan
Favorite quotes
Recommendation list
Book list
Movie list
Gifts given/received
Promise list
Free list
100 wishes list
Looking back on 2022
Personal data
Map of Japan

Monthly schedule
The block layout allows the monthly schedule to be viewed at a glance. For greater clarity, the names of the days of the week are also given in kanji.

Monthly project
The two-month overview is ideal for managing the progress of projects in a business setting.

Weekly schedule
Providing equal space for weekdays and weekends, this 24-hour vertical layout helps you keep track of your daily activities.

Looking back on 2022
Here’s where you can summarize and reflect on everything you did and logged in your JIBUN_TECHO this year.

My dream in 2022
Note down things you want to achieve over the year, divided into categories such as work goals, relationship goals, and so on. (On the left hand side is an age chart for finding out someone’s age quickly from their birth year.)

Money plan
It’s surprisingly hard to keep track of how much you spend each month. Try logging your spending here, so you can see exactly what’s going on. There are also some items left blank for you to customize.

Promise list
Verbal promises tend not to be kept. In the moment, you intend to keep them, but afterwards you simply forget. When you make a promise, get into the habit of writing it down straight away.

Book & movie list
Use this list to log books you want to read (or have read), movies you want to see (or have seen), and so on. Record your verdict with a face symbol, or jot down a brief review.

Gifts given/received
It’s all too easy to forget gifts received. Even if you resolve at the time to return the favor later, you’ll probably forget unless you write it down. You can also use this list to log gifts you've given.

White Mio Paper
Paper Weight - 60gsm
Line Spacing - 3mm
Subdued, professional styling
Lay-flat binding
Two ribbon bookmarks
Size - Depth 1.2 cm / 0.5 inches
Size - Length 21.7 cm / 8.6 inches
Size - Width 13.6 cm / 5.4 inches

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Kokuyo 2023 BEIGE Jibun Techo Biz Diary A5 Slim Lay-Flat Planner Diary Journal Schedule Yearly Planner | NI-JB1LS-23

Kokuyo 2023 BEIGE Jibun Techo Biz Diary A5 Slim Lay-Flat Planner Diary Journal Schedule Yearly Planner | NI-JB1LS-23

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