Does ink freeze below 32° F [0°C]?

Ink is a liquid and will freeze at a temperature below 32° F (0° C), just like water. However, the specific freezing point of ink will depend on its composition. Some inks may have a lower freezing point due to the presence of certain chemicals or ingredients, while others may have a higher freezing point. In general, it is best to store ink in a location that is kept at a temperature above freezing to ensure that it remains in a liquid state and can be used as intended.

When ink is ordered in cold temperatures, unfortunately I have no way to keep it warm. It will be subjected to the elements and may freeze, depending on temperatures and how long it is left outside. If you are expecting an ink order, please bring the package inside immediately or have it shipped to a location with inside delivery so it is not left out in the cold. No matter how many pairs of thermal undergarments and blanket I would wrap ink in, it is still susceptible to freezing. 

As much as I dislike having to say this, I am unable to refund or replace any ink that has frozen. By ordering ink in colder weather, you accept the risks of ink freezing.

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