How to improve your notes?

Hello, my name is Shadha, I am the guest today along with my friends from The Stationery Life team and I want to tell you about my favorite hobby, which is making beautiful notes. I define my style of making notes as Semi Saturated, since I like the title and decoration to look very striking, and that the text of the note remains simple. Through this blog I want to give you some tips to improve on beautiful notes.

The first thing we need are our basics to make the notes (notebook, markers, pens and decorations). Let's start with the notebook, I highly recommend the Kokuyo Campus brand notebook, the Clear Soft Ring model, I acquired it in The Stationery Life, it is my favorite notebook, since it has a very good grammage, which will not transfer the materials that we will use below. For the title there are many varieties of markers, but I especially recommend the Zebra Mildliner Brush, since with this we can make different fonts, especially the lettering, in this case I use the yellow color palette and the Zebra Clickart I use to give details to the title. For the text I use the Pilot Juice Up 0.5 pen, its gel ink is fluid. And finally for the decoration I really like to use stickers, washi tapes and craft paper.

• Título: The main thing that stands out in a nice note is the title, in this case I did it in Lettering since it is my favorite and the most common typeface. Once you have the title ready, we outline it with the Clickart in coffee, since that will be our theme of the note, but you can choose the theme that you like the most. 

• Decoration and Information: Before writing all the information, we need to organize how the note is going to go, so I recommend that you try different decoration materials and at the end you place it in the note, in this case I used coffee stickers and craft paper. When you have the decoration ready, write all the information that you consider important on the subject, add subtitles, diagrams, tables, etc., so that the note looks much more orderly and beautiful.

• Tip: If you are going to use stickers or washi tapes as decoration in the note, I recommend this clamp especially for these decorations, because if you use your fingers, the glue from the sticker or washitape will loosen.

• Tip 2: If there is a keyword in your note, mark it with a text marker and I highly recommend the Zebra Mildliners, as they have unique colors and are very good.

Ready! This is how the beautiful note was, you can find it on my Instagram.
And the most important and fun thing about making beautiful notes is that you exploit your creativity that you have inside, I hope these tips have served you a lot, and all the materials that I used can be purchased at The Stationery Life, I highly recommend them because they are very good price.


A warm hug and see you!

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