MoteMote Planner: The Planner for All Your Needs

MoteMote Planners bring you simplicity, functionality, and practicality. A wildly popular South Korean organizer, the MoteMote Planners offer incredible diversity to meet all your planner needs. What makes the MoteMote Planners even more appealing, are the variety of eye-catching colors to choose from, in addition to your choice in planner length. Choose from options including a thirty-one day, one hundred-day, or six-month length organizer. A fabulous study planner, their uses are endless and help make every day a more successful one.

Incredible features of the MoteMote include:

  • Durable matte front and back covers
  • Beautiful spiral-bound design with a colored metal spiral which matches your notebook color choice and inside accents
  • Lays flat and foldable positions
  • No pre-filled dates so you can make it your own

The Ten-Minute Work Theory

MoteMote’s most sought-after option is the ten-minute planner. The planners are designed following the theory that we are much more productive when we learn to manage our time in ten-minute increments. So, what makes this theory so appealing? Let's say we spend an average of ten hours a day with work, school, or studying. Breaking it down, we're talking about six hundred minutes a day. That's a number that can give anyone a bit of anxiety. But when we break it down to ten-minute portions, it seems much more attainable. Think of how many tasks you accomplish in a ten-minute window. In fact, it's a short period we truly take for granted!

Let's take those ten-minute segments and use them productively, scheduling our day accordingly. We can get more tasks done, spend less time procrastinating and work with a sense of calm rather than worrying over the long list of enormous assignments that lay ahead. When we focus on ten minutes at a time, we suddenly make life much more productive and manageable for ourselves.

The theory proposes that even the most extensive tasks can be completed because you can always squeeze in ten minutes. But we drag our feet when we think about the two-hour project sitting on our to-do list. The busiest people you know can take ten-minutes to fit in a quick call or meeting. You can easily find time for a ten-minute study break. Or take ten-minutes to grab a cup of coffee to get through the rest of your day. And if these all hold true, then why not apply the same method to all your tasks during the day? Pretty genius, right?

Ten-Minute MoteMote Planners

You'll have a more productive day with a planner that creates practical and manageable ten-minute segments for you. When you commit to taking your tasks ten-minutes at a time, and you do so consistently, you begin to tackle the projects that once may have caused stress and a feeling that you never have enough time in your day. The Ten-Minute MoteMote keeps you on track and proves that we do have enough time in our day when we use it wisely. You'll have convenient spots for the date, time, comments, and essential notes in addition to your task and timetable areas.

The larger the project, the more vital it is for you to follow the ten-minute planner schedule you've lined up. Take it a step at a time and break down the overwhelming end result. In just ten minutes, you can easily create attainable phases. Spend your next ten minutes creating essential tasks for your first phase. Your MoteMote will help you to continue breaking down your projects, stages, and tasks until your days become manageable. 

And if you're anything like me, you'll add your own little touches of flare. Between color-coding with highlighters and pens, organizing with my favorite tabs, and adding my personal touch of stickers and sticky notes to each planner, work time almost seems like playtime!

Task Manager MoteMote Planners

If you’re looking to improve your to-do list planning skills, the MoteMote Task Manager is the planner for you! A useful checklist-styled planner, you'll love the spacious design that allows you to write down the tasks that fill your day. Use the task manager pages to plan for work, homework, study needs, or exams. Highlight and check off each item with your system and style! 

You'll also love the fill-in monthly calendar planner pages so you can schedule and plan in advance. The monthly pages even offer a top three task area with daily checkboxes to track your tasks.

A one-page "total time" area allows you to keep track of your total time spent on the tasks each day. An evaluation page lets you monitor subjects or assignments, track completion status, and provide your feedback and evaluations of your progress.

Also offered in three lengths and several beautiful colors, the task planner style MoteMote has a special motivational page. The fill-in quote pages let you personalize your planners even further with your favorite quotes. It really doesn't get much better than this!

MoteMote PVC Covers

Although your MoteMote has a sturdy, matte-coated cover, you can add extra protection if you know you’re tough on your planners. Covers are easy to attach to your spiral planners and provide a storage pocket for your stickers or critical notes. The added protection is perfect if you know you'll be tossing your planner in your crowded backpack or toting it around on all your adventures. 

Personalize Your Planners with Additional Items

Add style and extra organization to your planner with the Midori Metal Flower Bookmark Clips. Four slender, decorative bookmark clips provide easy access to the pages you use most.

The Rose Gold Copper Love Clips are a fun way to add your style and touch to your MoteMotes! Adorably designed clips come in a variety of shapes, including

  • Coffee cup
  • Camera
  • Diamond
  • High heel shoe
  • And more!

You can't go wrong with any of our colorful pens, pencils, or highlighting tools either! You’ll stay super-organized while adding a splash of color to every page.

Ready to fill your cart with the MoteMote that will make your life more efficient and twice as enjoyable? Find the perfect MoteMote Planners now!

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