Top Five Favorite BGM Washi Tape Ideas

If you’re a craft lover, collector of stationery supplies, or just an all-around creative, then you’re likely already an avid hoarder of washi tape. And I should know! But have you had the pleasure of working with BGM washi tape?  These incredibly decorative and durable washi tapes make crafting, planning, and decorating the highlight of my day. I'm willing to bet they soon make up a significant portion of your stationery supplies too! So, what are my favorite uses for the many themes of BGM washi tape?

  1. Planners
  2. Gifts
  3. Home Décor
  4. Cell Phone Case Décor
  5. Wall Art


Who Is BGM?

BGM's motto, "For your better life," can be seen in their assortment of playful, color-inspiring washi tapes and stationery supplies. From watercolors to vibrant peacock themes, you’ll never tire of their collection. You’ll find everything you need from this Japanese-based line full of clever design.


What Can I Do with Washi Tape?

Think of BGM washi tape as a fun extension of your stationery supplies. You just can’t have enough of it and can use it anywhere, in any way! Here are a handful of my favorite washi tape ideas:


  • Planners: Now, if you can't tell, I'm all about color and décor. It brings happiness to my heart to be creative in everything I do. Planners are no exception! Washi tape allows me to outline important dates, highlight special events, color-code clients, and bring a fresh new look to each day's to-do list.
  • Gifts: I don't just mean gifting a set of my favorite BGM washi tapes to friends. I also love to create adorable photo frames, re-invent pens, and decorate my gift bags and tags. And if you’re new to washi tape and cute Japanese stationery supplies, Pinterest offers a world of ideas to get you started.
  • Home Décor: Yep, even a splash of washi tape home décor is a must. While many are utilizing Mason jars for flowers or makeup brushes, I love grabbing a roll of my BGM washi tape and going to work on my creation. The BGM Sakura Four Seasons Otome Washi Tape offers beautiful shades of pink flowers, matching perfectly with any girl's fabulous set of pink brushes, right?
  • Cell Phone Cases: I'm sure many of you are just as guilty of changing your phone case cover almost as often as your shoes. So, why not create your styles with a little BGM washi tape and favorite stationery supplies? BGM offers incredible quality, making it ideal for use with cover designs. You can be playful with their donut theme tape one day, and serene with their Wave Scallops washi tape the next.
  • Wall Art: If you're one who loves a lot of change, but wants to stay within a budget, consider decorating your walls with the easy to remove BGM washi tape. You can create any masterpiece your mind comes up with! With amazing colors, gorgeous themes, and silly items to display, it only makes sense to splash your walls and doors with budget-friendly washi tape!


So, grab your list of gift and décor needs and start browsing for your go-to washi tape designs now!

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