Things to Note...


There are no guarantees on delivery times for orders. I ship within 24 hours but have no control over the speed of delivery with any carrier.

I know that shipping delays are frustrating and exasperating for both customers and businesses.

Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase (excluding holidays). I'm sure that you've seen the reports on the news and online regarding carrier delivery issues. International transport has been affected the most.

I've been very active in small business forums to ascertain what's been going on around the world in regards to shipping and packages and this is happening all over the world. Carriers are still having delivery issues and are also dealing with being short-staffed.

Businesses see the same exact tracking as anyone else and have no other tracking resources available to them. Carrier delays are outside of my control, unfortunately. Your package will arrive, but I do not know when. It was shipped via the method that was chosen at checkout.


Please follow these steps when a package shows as delivered but not in your possession:

1. Wait at least five extra business days from the time the USPS website states that the package was delivered. There have been instances of USPS marking packages as delivered and they show up a couple of days later. I myself have had this happen.

2. Check with all close neighbors to see if the package was accidentally left in their mailbox. My packages are constantly being delivered to my neighbors. 😞

3. Contact your local USPS office (the one that delivers your mail) and ask for the GPS location of where the package was delivered and verify that it was delivered to your physical address. Please do not use the 800 number to call them, but the phone number at their physical location. Postal offices are hesitatnt to give this information to the shipper but will always give it to the receiver. 

4. If it was delivered to your physical address, please check with all members of your household to assure that someone else did not fetch the package from the mailbox.

5. If your package is still not found, please call your local police and file a police report for mail theft. Please then provide a copy of this report to The Stationery Manor and a solution will be determined from there. 

If there are any other question that you have that are not explained here, I will reply to your message within 24-48 hours, but typically much sooner. 

Thank you! 🥰

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