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BLUE Yamamoto Ro-Biki NOTE Canvas Cover GA008 | 2023 New Series


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Designed by Yamamoto Paper with years of experience, these Ro-Biki notebooks exude quality and vintage style.

To The World With Your RO-BIKI NOTE COVER! : "RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER" is a new carrying case, dsigned for a minimalist lifestyle. This makes it easy to carry your all the notebooks and daily tools. Each item is carefully sewn by craftsman, making it simple and multifunctional.

Since the release of the BASIC series in 2010, RO-BIKI NOTE has several specification changes. It is now available to many people as a special notebook for everyday use. "RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER" was created to meet request of user to obtain its special cover. In order to achieve simplicity and multi-functionality, we repeated size tests and sewing tests of samples.

1. ”Every Day Carry”
2. "The thick cotton fabric will become more comfortable in your hand as time goes on”
3. ”Bind multiple RO-BIKI notes with durable Mobilon band”
4. ”Handcrafted in a Japanese garmnet factory”
5. ”Multi-functional pockets for flexible use”

Every Day Carry
This case makes it easy to carry your pens, highlighters, erasers, rulers, utility knife, scissors, memo pad, notebooks, and even traffic cards and smartphones all in one package.

The Thick Cotton Fabric
The outer fabric of 100% canvas, 16oz thick, is not only durable and long-lasting, but it will also become more comfortable in your hand. The changing color of cotton fabric is giving each item a unique patina and character which will improve with use.

Handmade In Japan
"RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER" is produced in small lots in Japan. In order to keep the structure simple with using thick canvas, manual process are required. Therefore, we keep in touch with sewing site and make effort to maintain the quality of our products.


See pictures for dimensions
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Size 8 organic cotton (16oz)
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2020
Product tag: Attached
Made in: Japan
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BLUE Yamamoto Ro-Biki NOTE Canvas Cover GA008 | 2023 New Series

BLUE Yamamoto Ro-Biki NOTE Canvas Cover GA008 | 2023 New Series

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